Digital Marketing Powered By Smart Technology

Ojamu’s Intelligent Platform not only analyzes hundreds of millions of data points to provide real-time, relevant recommendations, it also discovers unexplored data clusters and audiences, unlocking new areas of opportunity for Brands.

Blockchain Technology

Our cross-chain solution securely accesses data from various blockchains. There’s no single point of failure as we use decentralized storage platforms to fragment user data across various networks.

NFT Access Pass

NFTs provide access to our Ai and intelligent toolsets, unlocking cross-correlating data points for unprecedented insights that are used to identify optimal audience targeting and product placements.

Proprietary Ai

Our Neural Predictive Engine uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data from hundreds of millions of data points; at a vastly superior speed and efficacy vs manual data collection/analysis.

Automated Campaigns

Brands get a step-by-step execution plan of the most optimal digital marketing strategy that helps them reach and connect with target audiences and potential customers.

NFT Access Pass

User Wallet
NFT Access Pass
Gated Data

NFT Access Pass

The Ojamu Ai connects with NFTs making them an access point for not only an industry vertical’s key data, but cross-correlating other datapoints to find previously unknown data clusters; which identify missed opportunities in audience targeting and product placement.

User Wallet
NFT Access Pass
Gated Data

The Future Is Multi-Chain

As the blockchain industry rapidly evolves, Ojamu offers a cross-chain solution. The platform builds on multiple leading blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana , and Polkadot, to create and offer the most effective digital marketing strategy that’s catered for each Brand and their audience.

More data, More insights

More Data, More Insights

Powered by proprietary algorithms, the Ojamu platform automatically analyzes tons of data points at a speed and efficiency not possible manually which enables Brands to:

Save more time, manual effort, and overhead cost

Conduct competitive research and identify market gaps

Pivot quickly with real-time market data to validate creative insights

Make data-driven decisions that lead to high success rates

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Smart Contract Development

Initial MVP Ai Modelling

Frontend/Backend Development v1

Ojamu Intelligent Platform UI/UX Design



Launch Liquidity Mining Program (Staking)

Alpha Phase of Ojamu MVP v1

Validation Contract for EVM Compatible Blockchains

Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Bridge Development

Initial Neural Predictive Engine v1 Development

Data Pipeline Partnerships



OIP v1 Testing

Image Recognition v1

Natural Language Processing v1

Onboarding of Beta Partners

Enter Beta Phase of Ojamu MVP v1

Testing and Beta deployment of NFT Access Keys



POC Solana Integration (Proof of Concept)

Smart Contract Audit

Security Audit of the OIP

Ojamu Intelligent Platform Full Beta Launch

Strategic Partners

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