Empowering Brands To Make Optimal Decisions

Ojamu is an AI & Blockchain-powered platform providing Brands the insights and actionable intelligence they need for the Web 3.0 economy.
The Ojamu Intelligent Platform (OIP) securely accesses and cross-correlates key industry data from leading blockchain protocols. This allows brands to effectively position themselves within the Web3 world by utilizing ‘real-time’ data to form digital strategies that drive brand awareness, user acquisition and increased retention.

New Web, New Opportunities

Analyze vast amounts of data points and get relevant real-time recommendations to discover previously unexplored data clusters, unlocking new areas of opportunity in the Web3 realm.

Optimize Decision Making

Solve the common data problem of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ and make improved Brand decisions with automated insights optimized for business initiatives in the Blockchain space.

Built For Brands

Automate digital strategies and bridge the gap between creative insight and data-driven decisions to launch and participate in the NFT and blockchain gaming verticals.

NFT Access Pass

User Wallet
NFT Access Pass
Gated Data

NFT Access Pass

Ojamu NFTs provide access to the Ojamu AI and intelligent toolsets in a decentralized fashion; giving brands unprecedented insights into key market data specific to NFTs, blockchain gaming and associated ecosystems. Simply hold the Ojamu NFT in Metamask to access the Ojamu platform. No emails or passwords needed.

User Wallet
NFT Access Pass
Gated Data

The Future is Multi-Chain

The need for a multi-chain future where leading blockchain protocols are fully interoperable is a must-have feature for end users to have a seamless Web3 experience. The Ojamu ecosystem is built with this multi-chain future at the forefront of engineering & design decisions.

Ojamu Applications

NFT Ecosystems

Blockchain Gaming

Social & Influencer

Digital Media






Alpha Phase of Ojamu MVP

Validation Contract for EVM Compatible Blockchains

Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Bridge Development

Initial Neural Predictive Engine v1 Development

Data-Feed Partnerships & Development



Staking Program Launch

Chainlink Data-Feed Integration

Ojamu Data-Feed v1 Launch

Unmarshal Custom Query Integration

Onboarding of Beta Partners

Enter Beta Phase of Ojamu v1



Image Content Recognition v1

Chainlink VRF Integration

Security Audit

Beta Deployment of NFT Access Keys

Ojamu NFT Access Pass Launch

OIP MVP v1 Beta Launch Evaluation



POC Solana Integration

Ojamu SIC Collection Launch

Ojamu Data-Feed Mobile UI/UX

Ojamu v2 Beta

Sentiment & Content Analysis v1

Ecosystem Partners

“We are delighted to partner with Ojamu. As we just announced the world’s first decentralized NFT indexer, the timing of this partnership could not have been better. I am really excited about what Ojamu is building and thank them for trusting us to help them with our services.”

Manohar Kolagondanahalli

Founder & CEO of Unmarshal

“Effective digital marketing is widely ignored by most crypto companies, and Wise Token is proud to partner with Ojamu who is leading the way in Ai and data-driven marketing solutions. We value Ojamu’s organic approach to big data, and look forward to incorporating their intelligent platform into the Wise Token ecosystem.”

Peter Girr

CEO of Wise Token

“Ojamu is building an innovative platform for marketing in the crypto age. It will enable our marketing team to analyze social data and provide automated recommendations to maximize our digital efforts. This will also be of particular interest to our gaming development partners that utilize our launchpad. We are excited to collaborate with them and integrate Ojamu’s Ai into the GameStation platform and look forward to the growth of both ecosystems.”

Jason Kovar

CEO of GameStation

Strategic Partners

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